Maharaj Shree Poornottam Dixit Ji

Maharaj Shree, aged 48, is a hidden treasure in himself, whose shining has started coming on international scene – may it be Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Mantra, Yantra or Spiritualism. Coming from a highly spiritual Brahmin family of Sikandrarao (Hathras-Aligarh), following Ascetic traditions of Param Pujya Swami Poornanand Tirth (Shree Udiya Baba ji Maharaj) of Vrindavan, he has astonished a vast majority of personalities by his marvellous and zero error predictions through his extraordinary insight/intuitions/forecasts. Son of Dr. Shambhu Dutt Dixit, a saintly and highly spiritual person and an ardent worshipper of Shree Udia Baba ji Maharaj. He has acquired the complete knowledge of precious Gems (Ratn), semi-precious Gems (Ratn), Stones and has written scholarly articles over. He also advises simplest “Upayas” (remedies), the knowledge of which is due to the blessings of his guru over him besides accurate advice for use of precious and semi-precious stones. People come with their problems and get solved near him, through his suggestions.