Udiya Baba Ji Maharaj

Maharj Shree Udiya Baba ji Maharaj was born at the holy dham Jagannathpuree situated on the mountain Neelachal which is washed by the rising waves of the Eastern Sea, the waves which appear like milky foam. He was (born to the family of Shree Vaidyanath Mishra who was in direct lineage of family of the royal Guru of Puree Shree Kashi Mishra. His childhood name was Shri Arthatrana Mishra. He was born in 1932 (1875A.D.) of Vikram Samvat, on Bhadrapada Krishna Saptami (the 7-th day of dark fortnight of the month of Bhadrapada)).(It was a Monday, at about noon-time. His Lagna or ascendant wasScorpio. uruwas 4-7.His birth star was the first part of Krittika, which falls in the zodiac sign (Rashi) of Mesha )(Aries)It was his paternal aunt (tayee) who brought him up. He was neither mischievous in temperament, nor was interested in playing. He would endure silently if somebody beat him up; and never natured thought of revenge. He would feel happy on closing the eyes

After completing education, Arthatranaji returned home. Parents assigned him the hereditary profession of being an Acharya. While discharging the duties, his mind was always feeling a pull towards devotion, dispassion, and yoga. That w- -as the time Orissa came under the grip of a severe famine. Owing to starvatio- -n people werelying like insects. People were, for want of food, eating the mud mixing in water or butter milk; some even ate the poison and breathed their la- -st. Arthatrana, being Arthatrana ( i.e. protector of those in distress) true to his name plunged in to the service. But when he found that in spite of his serious e- -fforts, he could not affect any remarkable improvement in the situation,he felldeeply saddened. What can be done to appease the hunger of the hungry?, -thinking again and again over this. Why not I get a bowl with which I could go on feeding the people. Thinking that such a bowl can be obtained by praying or meditating on God, he left home on 5thday of Chaitra month, of 1951 Vikram Samvat (era), just with a water vessel and 11rupees in hand.

Intending to pray to Mother Goddess Jagadjanani (the mother of the universe) in order to obtain such a bowl of un-exhausting food. He went to Maa Kamakshi Devi temple in Assam and worshiped during Navratri.He, listened to a Vedantic discourse on Vivekchudamani.

Inspired by it his mind changed and started to question the worth of his plan like this- What will I gain even if Devi Maa grants me, as I wished, a bowl? How many people will be able to come to me to receive the food? How long am I, for that matter, going to live? Am I going to live eternally? Besides, will all the problems of people be solved by finding food alone? Arthatranaji felt that it was not right to continue the practice with such a limited motive. On the contrary he should pray and meditate on Jagadamba, by giving up all the wishes. He discontinued or dropped the practice and went to Kashi. He had darshan of Mata Annapurna and Lord Visvanatha and paying a visit on the way to Vaidyanath Dham, before returning home where his Auntiji (Taiji) died.

His Initiating Guru:--

Arthatranaji came away to Jagannatha Puri and persuaded Swami ShriMadhusudan Teerth who was Jagadguru and Shankaracharya of Govardhana Peetham at Puri and took initiation in to the life-long Brahmacharya. Then he was given a new name, Brahmachari Vasudeva Swarup

He went from Kashi to Rameshwaram. Then, he had a darshan of Mother Goddess Jagadamba at Maa Kamaksha Devi Temple and reached Badpeta. He had darshan of Kaliyakant, and stayed there to begin his sadhana.

Brahmachari Vasudeva Sworup was installed on the position of Mahant of Lord Shiva temple at Badpeta, but he,without yielding to the Maya, (the snare) engaged himself in japa, practice and prayers ever before. He completed practicing Shata-chandi. As a result he got Vak-siddhi,i.e. power of his speech proving to be true, and telepathy, reading other's mind.This power of reading other's mind was greatly disturbing him, because he was seeing clearly the evil in the mind of whoever comes to him. He was fed up with this power only in eighteen days and prayed to the Mother Goddess to relieve him of this power. He was freed from it by the Mother's grace. He left Badpeta town for good, without informing anybody. Again, MaharajJi engaged himself in search of Siddha yogis.

Since the astrologers predicted a short life span for him, he thought, 'one know snot when the body will fall off, hence it is proper to take sanyasa (for mal initiation into a life of monkhood or renunciation) . He appealed to the Acharya of Govardhana Math, for the same, who happily agreed to it. At the age of 32, in 1964 of Vikram Era he was initiated into Sanyasa. Then the yogapatta (name) given to him was SwamiPurnananda Teertha; since he was also carrying a staff, he was called Dandi SwamiPurnananda Teertha. But he became well known only as Udiya Babaji (Udiya means one who hails from Orissa.Baba means a Sadhu or Shri MaharajJi.The Acharya wished that he would succeed to the headship of the Govardhana Peetham, but the power and prestige of it never had any attraction for him, so he did not accept it and went away. As he was moving around he surrendered danda (staff) and a Kamandalu(a water vessel born of a tree used by sanyasis) to the ocean, because he thought,'when I have given up everything by way of renunciation why retain even these two(danda and Kamandalu).

He went from Puri to Raniganj, next to Vaidyanath Dham, from where, after some time , he went to Kashi, then went to Kanpur and then to Bithoor With the time his good name and fame spread over long distances. He also transformed a dacoit to change his conduct. He met with Hari Baba after some time, also at Hari Barrage ,around 1923 A.D.?? on river Gangaji.

The attraction he felt for the abode of delighting Leela of Bhagwan Krishna had drawn him to the place. In 1994 ?? of Vikram era, his Shri Krishna ashram was established in Vrindavan. It's foundation stone was laid by highly mystically ecstatic Gvariya Baba. Since then, nectarine bliss began showering in the ashram, and the sweetness of Vrindavan started blossoming.

In the Sri Krishna-ashram at Brindavan, the happiness (alone) would continuously shower always in the holy presence of pujya MaharajJi. He would say 'This ashram is in fact Vaikuntha itself.(His vision of life and vision of Brahman were identical). Neither the most horrible insult nor th6-+ e grandest honour would ever disturb his natural composure. He was an epitome of generosity, forgiveness and freedom from annoyance.