Puja Path

Puja Path/Karmkand is the act of : worshipping, showing special reverence to the God/Divine and spiritually celebrating through prayers, homam/yagna, jap ,rituals & their combinations.

Through Pooja Path/Karmkand the devotees make spiritual connection with the Divine. There are several specific Pujas/Poojas which devotees do for specific events like: *Starting of business, *Removing obstacles from career, *Remedial meaures for delay in marriage, *Fulfillment of wish/desires, *Peaceful life, *Getting material abundance and Spiritual prosperity. We have so many learned Vedic scholars who perform Vedic poojas in a very systematic way on the request of devotees even at the venues of devotees. They can also perform pooja at our place in your name and for you. We have for this purpose fully dedicated separate facility: sanctified/purified with mantras, waters from various rivers, cow dung and is as per requisite Vastu. Also one can request our Punditjis/scholars to perform almost every type of Puja/Pooja at your own venue for example: Homam (Yagna), Marriage Ceremony, Nav Chandi Path, Shree Satya Narain Katha, etc.