Nine Faced Rudraksha


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The presiding diety is goddess Durga. It is considered to be the very embodiment of "Dharmaraj". Going on pilgrimage to a sacred place invites benediction of Gods. This Rudraksha is packed with so much power that the wearer is blessed as if he has paid obeisance at Nine Pilgrim stations such as Pashupati, Muktinatha, Kedarnatha, Badrinatha, Jagannatha, Parasnatha, Vaidyanatha, Dwarika ji etc. The use of this bead enhances / promotes valour, initiatives and devotion to work. It is specially recommended for natives whose Lagna(Ascendant) is Aries / Scorpio / Sagittarius. Major benefits which accrue after wearing Nine faced Rudraksha are: One gets "Siddhi" in Tantrism When work on the left arm, one gets "Bhairav" siddhi. One remains purified in body, mind & soul. By offering "Japas" on Navaratri, one receives the blessings of goddess Bhagwati.