Pooja Anushthaan

पूजा, अनुष्ठान

Pooja is the ritual act of religious devotion towards a deity or God. Paath is the reading or recitation (with religious devotion) of holy texts of Sanatan Dharm (Hinduism) while comprehending what is being read or recited. Pooja-Paath is the act of worshipping, showing special reverence to the God/Divine and spiritually celebrating through Prayers, Homa or Yajna or Havan, Jaap, Rituals & their combinations. Through these devotional acts, the devotees make spiritual connection with the Divine. There are several specific Poojas which devotees do at specific occasions. Karma Kāṇḍa refers to the section of the Vedas that lists the performance of rituals and sacrificial rites for material benefits or for liberation, which are performed by expert Brahmins, also in exchange for a Dakshina.

Anushthan is a prayer of higher order in which devotee is bound by many restrictions and has to follow specified rules and regulations. It is sometimes done by the means of mantra chanting in a predetermined period of time. It is sometimes done by performing yajn or homa for a specific no. of aahuties. It is mandatory to observe intensive discipline in accord with the defined discipline in Hindu scriptures during the entire process of ANUSHTHAN. On completion of specified no. of mantra chanting, one should perform 'DASHANSH HAWAN' wherein 1/10th amount of the numbers of mantra chants should be offered followed by offering reasonable amount of food to Brahmins. The set of rules to be followed are : - (1) As far as practicable, regularity of time and number in the Jap should be maintained in the routine with minimum possible deviations. (2) The five basic principles i.e. (i) fasting (ii) following Brahmcharya (iii) self- service (iv) sleeping on ground (v) refraining from leather-ware like shoes etc., are to be followed. Fasting can be done in one of the following ways: (a) Only liquid food like buttermilk, milk, fruit juice etc. (b) Subsisting on fruits and vegetables only (c) taking tasteless food items devoid of salt, sugar and spices (d) partaking only one meal a day (e) choosing only two food items during the period of Anusthan.

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