Swasthya Labh Anushtan

The vibratory positive energies created by regular chanting of the Santan - Gopal Mantra dissolves all the negative energies that stand in one's way of begetting a baby; it will alleviate one's mental troubles and may bless one with progeny/baby. The positive effects of mantra jaap can nourish the coming baby and protecting the expectant mother and the baby from all kinds of mishaps.

ऊं देवकी सुत गोविंद वासुदेव जगत्पते । देहि मे तनयं कृष्ण त्वामहं शरणं गत: ।।

Santan - Gopal Mantra, the great mantra, is devoted to Lord NavneethKrishn. Bhagwan Krishna, in a child form is requested to please bless the expecting- mother/couple with a baby son quite like him. It will also give a great punya to the Jatak.

Most beneficial for:-

This is most beneficial for childless couple/ expecting mothers.

Pooja Vidhi:-

It consists of chanting Santan Gopal Mantra exactly 108 times using Jap mala, offering flowers, Mishri and Makkhan (butter) to Bhagwan Krishna. The Jaap is started after Sankalp, Viniyog, Rishi Nyas, Hradya Niyas, Kar Nyas and Dhyanam appropriately. Prayers are performed strictly according to appropriate manner. The appropriate Havan/ Homam is done at the completion of Santan - Gopal Mantra jap.

Benefits of Anushtan:

  • Lord Krishna is worshiped as the childlike god during Janmashtami and praying to him with a pure heart will bless the worshippers and cancel all ill fate.
  • Those who are facing problems while trying to bear children or are unable to conceive children, chanting the Shri Krishna Santan prapti mantra is extremely beneficial.
  • If there is any underlying disease that is becoming the reason for the difficulty to get pregnant, then this mantra will benefit the person and help keep the body healthy and the environment positive.
  • The health of the mother is also a big concern during child birth or even during the postpartum stage.

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Santan Prapti Anushthaan